Editing Overview

The Best Edit Formula

Best Edit provides in-depth, quality service centered on you.


All Editing Services Include:


Language and PunctuationWriting StyleThree-Tier Feedback


Best Edit checks for typos, spelling mistakes, hyphenation errors and other simple mistakes.

Style and Tone

Your document speaks volumes about you. Best Edit keeps slang words, subjective language, redundant phrases, and passive voice to a minimum.

Document Queries

Your editor will leave queries about any sections of your document where you may need to make a style- or content-related choice.

Grammar and Syntax

Best Edit ensures your document includes concise word usage, proper sentence structure, and more.

 Writing Conventions

Acronyms, abbreviations, and definitions change constantly. Best Edit helps your document provide relevant context to avoid reader confusion.

Recommendations and Tips

Your editors  will offer general advice, and suggest improvements all  in plain English.



Personal Development

Your editor provides you with constructive, personalized feedback designed to help improve your current and future writing.

Advice & Articles