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Founded in 2020, Best Edit focuses on personalized writing and editing resources through its global reach.

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Even after I was completely satisfied with the plot of my newly developed story, I still knew that it was far away from perfect. As a nonnative speaker, I am not always able to tell the minor differences in the sense of the verbs or realize what exact word can express the emotion or action I am thinking of. Here is where Steven’s editing became a truly enormous contribution. I enjoyed how Steven’s edits preserved the voice and the character of the story: the natural flow of the story was never disturbed. There was no other voice but my own, and Steven did excellent job to keep it intact.
Yana V.
University Student
Steven reviewed a few articles for my blog. It was much more than just simple proofreading. His review gave me a lot of ideas for my next posts and showed me how I can improve my writing. All his remarks were clear and easy to follow. Steven definitely motivated me to write more. You can also feel that he puts a lot of passion into reviewing. I recommend to use his services not only for the ones who just want to correct their texts but also love to learn and get more inspired.
Juliana J.
Best Edit provided prompt and professional service beyond my expectations. As an entrepreneur, I focus on the best practices for my business and my clients. When you are looking for a talented and professional editing service, look no further. Best Edit answered all of my questions in a timely manner and provided simple explanations for the recommended edits and feedback I received. Our company will continue working with the editor on future projects. 10/10 all around and will recommend to my professional network. You won't be disappointed. Thank you!
Nick Z.
Co-founder, Apollo Digital
Steven was a great help when editing my university admission essay. Thanks to him, I transformed the structure of the essay and made it more clear and easier to understand. He drew great attention to details such as grammatical errors and vocabulary selection as well as made many significant suggestions for improving the overall document. Each feedback was very fast and ended with helpful comments and tips for further work. All in all, excellent and well appreciated work! I highly recommend Steven as an editor. Thank you so much!
Claudia Z.
University Student

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