5 Free Tools for Every Writer!

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Like any other profession or hobby,  it takes practice to become a good writer. That’s why our team at BESTED.IT assembled a shortlist of writing tools with you in mind. Here are 5 tools designed to simplify and streamline your writing process:

1.    Draft:


Draft software

Cost: Free

Draft is an online word processor that tracks how many words you write per day. You will need to create an account to use it, but it is completely free to use and does not spam your inbox. It is my favorite online web processor, as it functions like Google Docs, but also has the option to send you a reminder to reach your daily word count goals!

This small reminder option is what makes the difference for me. It helps you visualize your progress and reach your target goals. (You can always turn that option off).

Check it out if you like that small tap on the shoulder





COST: Free for basic plan/ 6.99 billed monthly for Premium plan/ 13.99 billed monthly for Business plan


Evernote Prices

Evernote is one of the most essential apps for me as a writer. My chaotic train of thoughts, even though creatively productive, is disorganized and many of my ideas go to waste. An app like Evernote (a personal organizer with a cute green elephant logo) allows you to organize your thoughts with notes; to-do lists; daily, weekly, or monthly planners; and various other available templates. You can also add audio notes for collaborative projects through Evernote by creating shared accounts and sharing specific documents with different accounts.

The tool is also available for IOS and Android.

Check it out if you need to visualize and organize your thought in one place or if you want to collaborate with your writing team.




COST: Free for the basic plan, other plans you can find below, for differences, click here.



As a writer, your computer can provide you a source of income. You need to protect your writing assets. Before your computer ever fails you, develop a plan B. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Using Dropbox allows you to backup your most essential data, including written work, designs, photos, emails, documents, etc. The basic plan is free of charge and the app is known for its user-friendly interface and its processing speed.

Additionally, the app allows you access to your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can download the app on IOS and Android.

Check it out if you want to ensure the safety of your data.


4. Pomofocus:

Cost: Free

You have probably heard about something called the Pomodoro technique. This technique helps you focus and commit to the project at hand while enabling better time management. The traditional Pomodoro method uses 25-minute work periods accompanied by 5- or 15-minute breaks.

Through Pomofocus, you can set a background timer that follows the Pomodoro structure. But what distinguishes it from other timers is that it allows you to:

  • List the tasks at hand
  • Allocate a time-period for each task
  • Choose 5- or 15-minutes breaks
  • Use the color transition to switch your mood between work time and rest time
  • Customize timer intervals.

Check it out if you need assistance in focusing on tasks in hand, organize your time, or simply have a timer.


5.Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Cost: Free for the basic plan/ 35 One-time fee for premium. To find out the differences between these two plans, click here.


Cold Turkey describes itself as a dose of discipline, built-in. In simpler words, Cold Turkey is a website blocker that restricts different websites while you work. Blocking out distractions increases your focus and creates a more mindful writing environment. What separates this tool from others is its preventative capabilities. Let me introduce you to its biggest features:

  • Blocking websites
  • Blocking applications (Premium plan)
  • Scheduling blocks
  • Blocking Google searches
  • Creating blocks (with different websites each) for different tasks
  • Locking a block (Premium plan)
  • Creating Statistics

Check it out if you often find yourself surfing different sites on the web rather than putting in the actual work.


Honorable mentions:

OneNote, Google Docs, Noisli, Cliché Finder, Milanote, And LibreOffice.


Bottom line:

We found many writer-friendly apps worthy of inclusion in our list. However, our team chose less AI-involved apps because we believe that the human element is one of the most essential aspects of any successful manuscript. Check out the services we can offer you. Contact us or fill in this form and find out more about the services we offer.

Disclosure Statement: Best Edit only recommends resources we have personally used. Best Edit is not affiliated with any of the companies or their apps listed in the article and has not received any compensation from them. Best Edit prides itself on its transparency and will never intentionally misinform our readers. If you find any issues with our articles, please contact us at info.bested@gmail.com.



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